Parenting Groups

  • Enhancing and strengthening the child-parent bond by teaching parents effective ways to respond to their child’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors

  • This course offers techniques proven highly effective for helping parents successfully communicate with and discipline their child. By expanding awareness of communication and discipline skills, parents contribute to their child’s success in school and in life.
This course provides you with tools to better understand your child’s world and to communicate that understanding to them. Open and effective communication is essential for healthy relationships to flourish. Establishing healthy family communication patterns in early childhood will serve lifelong development and success. In this group you learn to recognize your child’s emotional needs, helping them feel safe, understood, accepted, valued, and confident. Another important component of the group is a focus on effective means of setting limits. Through this process the parent-child relationship is enhanced and strengthened, thus facilitating personal growth and change for both.

Quotes from previous participants:
"This has been a very good experience because you learn that you are not alone when you confront your child's discipline problems and it's nice to get feedback from other parents."

"I felt a sense of sadness in that the way I was parenting my children was the way I wanted things to be. In this group, I became a lot more patient, considerate of my children's needs, more in control of my own feelings and that gave me a chance to be more understanding and loving to my kids."

"For whatever reason, during each and every workshop session I felt myself flooded with appreciation and love and acceptance for my kids. As they are! That was a lovely side benefit and one that motivated me to try to get back to that level of acceptance even in the midst of everyday frustrations..."
Heart to Heart Parenting Workshop Series (with descriptions)

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